January 21, 2021

Cooking Whole30 Event Replay

Cooking Whole30 Virtual Event

This year, Melissa Urban couldn’t do her normal book tour to celebrate the release of Cooking Whole30, the updated, expanded, and enhanced edition of The Whole30 Cookbook. So instead, we took her book tour virtual, hosting a series of free Whole30 Community Cares Events. Missed the events? No worries. You can watch the Cooking Whole30 Replays below. Enjoy!

Cooking Whole30 Replay: Melissa Urban, Dr. Carrie-Kholi Murchison, and Redwood Hill, moderated by Josmine Evans

On Wednesday, 1/13/2021, Josmine Evans moderated a discussion between Melissa, special editor Redwood Hill and Whole30 Director of People & Culture Dr. Carrie Kholi-Murchison. They discussed the process they used to revise Melissa’s 2016 book The Whole30 Cookbook, making it reflective of Whole30’s diversity, equity, and inclusion values, as well as our deep cultural appreciation of food and its historical pathways and ingredients. 

During the editing process, they rewrote recipe titles and headnotes; tackled the biggest revision of the the “What is Whole30” language with a complete rewriting of the “tough love” section; included a new forward co-authored by Melissa and Dr. Kholi; and included recipes from five new contributors. Watch the replay below to hear their entire discussion.


Cooking Whole30 Replay: Melissa Urban with recipe contributors Abeer Najjar, Brad VanDyke, Erica Nkansah, Jean Choi and Jessica McMullen

On Wednesday, 1/27, Melissa Urban moderated a conversation with the five recipe creatives that contributed brand new recipes to the Cooking Whole30 project. They discussed their work, sources of inspiration, and the stories behind the specific recipes they developed for this cookbook

During the event, each creative highlighted one of their favorite Whole30 recipes. We thought it would be fun to link to those here. Enjoy, and happy cooking!

Jessica McMullen – Mexican Picadillo

Jean Choi – Instant Pot Cabbage Soup with Ground Beef

Erica Nkansah – Sonoma Chicken Salad

Brad Van Dyke – Herby Potato Salad

Abeer Najjar – Bamia (Stewed okra, tomatoes, and onion)

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