March 28, 2023

Dear Melissa: Nine Books to Support Your Food Freedom

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I’ve often said the Whole30 is about food, but it’s about so much more than food. Millions of people who have successfully transformed their lives with the program say their Whole30 and Food Freedom experience has spilled over into every area of their lives—from self-care to relationships, finances to parenting, fitness to self-confidence. 

Food Freedom Forever is the perfect healthy lifestyle book to teach you how to apply my three-part Food Freedom plan in life after your Whole30. In finding Food Freedom, your everyday diet will feel delicious, satisfying, and meaningful while you continue to live your best, most vibrant life.

But so many of you finish the program and say, “Yes, I’m working my Food Freedom plan—but what else can I do?” You have energy, drive, and motivation. Your self-confidence is at an all-time high! You recognize that you are a healthy person with healthy habits. You want to take that momentum and apply it in a positive way to other areas of your life. 

In today’s round-up, I’m sharing nine books (that aren’t about food) to support your Food Freedom mindset. They will help allow you to create new healthy habits and learn new ways of connecting with yourself and others. The books also help continue to remind yourself that you are worthy of these efforts. And the good things that come as a result. 

Watch Melissa Urban’s nine recommendations for books to support your Food Freedom.

If you are practicing being gentle with yourself

Needy, by Mara Glatzel: For those who are working on self-acceptance, self-trust, and self-love. This is the perfect companion to any boundaries book, and you’ll love the way Mara reframes the concept of “needs.”

How to Keep House While Drowning by KC Davis, LPC: For those who learned a new way to talk to and about yourself, and want to extend that into your household management. (Specifically written with a neurodivergent perspective in mind.) I loved KC’s brilliant reframing of care tasks. And I picked up many tips that will help both me and my ADHD husband.

The Perfectionists Guide to Losing Control, by Katherine Morgan Schafler: For those who want to turn their challenges into superpowers. This book is the freshest take on perfectionism I’ve ever read. It allows you to channel what may have been negative self-talk into actionable steps to make the most of your drive, dedication, and passion.

If you are working on advocating for yourself

The Book of Boundaries, by MU: For those who felt the power of boundaries during their Whole30, and want to relieve anxiety, resentment, and frustration in other relationships—and during their Food Freedom—too. This one covers every relationship—work, family, in-laws, grandparents, romantic partners, friends, co-parents, strangers, and even boundaries with yourself.

Get Good with Money, Tiffany Aliche: For those who want a healthy relationship with money, the way the Whole30 brought you a healthy relationship with food. Tiffany will help you think about your worth and value in relation to money in a whole new way. She’ll also provide you with the strategies you’ve been missing to reclaim your power and own your goals.

Good Inside, by Dr. Becky Kennedy: For those who want to bring their Whole30 and Food Freedom energy to parenting techniques that will transform your whole family. Stop listening to how everyone else says you should parent. Dr. Kennedy has evidence-based strategies that demonstrate respect for your child and respect for yourself. (Another great companion piece to Boundaries.)

If you are ready to take on a new challenge in your Food Freedom

The Comfort Crisis, by Michael Easter: For those who want to continue doing hard things as a means of building confidence and resilience. Michael weaves brilliant storytelling with practical tips anyone can implement, from small everyday actions to once-a-year adventures.

The Greatness Mindset by Lewis Howes: Lewis has the best guests on his podcast. I always always come away feeling like I’ve just leveled up my own personal growth. In his newest book, he compiles the best advice from his own life and the industry experts he interviews to help you lean into your purpose, rewrite your past, and unleash your gifts.

Switch by Dan and Chip Heath: For those who want to translate their Whole30 self-confidence into other successful habit changes. Their “elephant and rider” analogy helped make habit change click for me, and armed with this knowledge, there is no habit you won’t be able to successfully implement.

Pick a book to support your Food Freedom and start reading (or listening) today

I’ve listened to both How to Keep House While Drowning and The Comfort Crisis as audiobooks. There’s something magical in having inspiring, motivating, actionable content going straight into my ears while I’m walking, cleaning, folding laundry, or driving. (Especially when the author narrates it—I just love KC’s no-nonsense but empathetic vibe.)

If one (or more) of these books caught your attention, grab the print, ebook, or audiobook now and start putting that powerful Whole30 energy to use in other areas of your life. I can’t wait to see where these recommendations take you in your Food Freedom.

Best in health,

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