July 28, 2021

Dear Melissa: Is this Whole30 Compatible?

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Dear Melissa,

Is this Whole30 compatible? <attached photo of ingredient list> 

Love, Everyone

Dear Everyone,

We have compiled 1,734 resources to help you determine whether a food or beverage is Whole30 compatible. This is not an exaggeration*. Now, you CAN send me a DM from the middle of the grocery store to ask whether you can drink kombucha/use the mustard/eat the chicken sausage… and many of you do. I never mind helping you with this, but what if I’m off on a long hike, padde boarding with Henry, or playing Minecraft with my son? You’ll be standing in the grocery store for hours hitting refresh on your iPhone and eventually the store will need to close and you’re going to be hungry and cranky and probably lying on the floor and the manager will threaten to call security and the janitor is now mopping around you and you still won’t know whether you can have the chicken sausage.

I will not allow this to happen. Instead, use these resources to figure it out for yourself, on the spot!

1. Look for the Whole30 Approved logo on the packaging. If you see it on the product, it’s 100% compatible. Your work is done! (Still peek at the ingredients, just to create the habit, but this is the easiest way to know if a product fits our program.)

2. Re-read the Whole30 program rules. They are pretty detailed as to what is not allowed. Still not sure?

3. Consult The Whole30 book. It includes an extensive “Can I Have” section, starting on page 60. If you’re out grocery shopping without your copy of the book, we’ve still got you covered…

4. Pull up the “Can I Have…?” article on our blog. That lists a whole lot of stuff people have asked us about throughout the years. Is it a weird-sounding ingredient or additive?

5. Review the Common Additives Cheat Sheet on our website. You’ll find this via our PDF Resources link in the footer, and lists many common additives and whether or not they’re compatible. (If it’s not listed on this sheet, it IS compatible with the program.)

6. Search the Whole30 Forum. If you can’t find the answer to your question from any of those resources, our Whole30 Forum is searchable, and contains a treasure trove of historical knowledge.

7. Last but not least (and this may be the fastest) Google. Just type, “Is [ingredient] Whole30 compatible?” into the Google search bar. Just look for an official answer from the Whole30 website, forum, or a Whole30 Certified Coach, not what someone’s uncle’s hairdresser says on Facebook. 

I offer you these resources and encourage you to flex your own label-reading and researching muscles because I want you to build confidence with our program rules. You CAN figure out the answer all on your own. Carefully read all of the ingredients on the package to evaluate whether each one is compatible with the program. If you’re not sure of an ingredient, use all of the resources here to find that out. Finally, if ALL of the ingredients on the label are compatible AND it’s not called out in the “no pancake” rule, then the item itself is compatible. Yay! 

Pretty soon, you’ll know your favorite compatible brands on sight, you’ll be able to flip a bottle around with confidence, and the only DMs you’ll want to send me are full of your NSVs and Whole30 success stories. YOU’VE GOT THIS.

Best in health,

Melissa XO

*Okay, it’s a small exaggeration.

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