October 1, 2018

A Food Freedom Forever Resource Roundup

Food Freedom Forever Whole30 Resource

The #SeptemberWhole30 is almost over; if you started on our “official” start date of September 3, you’ll complete Day 30 tomorrow. A quick timeout to say: YAY! We are so proud of you. We are continually impressed by and proud of the members of community, and we can’t wait to read your #IAmWhole30 stories. Feel free to email them to us at [email protected], or share them with us on Instagram or Facebook. As your #SeptemberWhole30 draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about your life after Whole30. First up, Reintroduction. For more information on planning a successful Reintroduction, turn to page 42 in The Whole30, or click here for an online Reintroduction resource. After Reintroduction, it’s a matter of figuring out how to take the information you learned during your Whole30 experience and turning that information into life long habits. That’s what Food Freedom Forever is all about. Since Food Freedom Forever was released in October 2016, more people have provided one piece of feedback more than any other: reading the book during their Whole30 made all the difference in how confident and secure they were once the program was over. Are you looking for that confidence and security in your life after Whole30? Order your copy of Food Freedom Forever here, or find it on the shelf at your favorite bookstore.

What is Food Freedom?

In this article, Melissa Urban explains the reasons that compelled her to write Food Freedom Forever, and defines the concept in these terms: Food freedom is feeling in control of the food that you eat, instead of food controlling you.

If you’re wondering if Food Freedom Forever is for you, click here to read this post

Discussing Food Freedom with Melissa Urban

To mark the release of Food Freedom Forever, Melissa gathered friends and fans of the Whole30 for an intimate, personal discussion on the concepts in the book. She answers questions about pressure from friends and family; dealing with cravings; and anxiety around food.

To watch Melissa explain Food Freedom in her own words, click here

Navigating family and friendship relationships

Sometimes, explaining our choices to the people we love can be the hardest part of any lifestyle change. If your #SeptemberWhole30 has convinced you that you need to make some big and lasting changes, and you’re afraid your current community won’t be receptive to your needs, Melissa has some strategies you can try in order to get the support you need.

Read Melissa’s advice here

Influencing the people you love  to find their food freedom

Hoping that your new healthy habits will rub off on the people you love the most? In this special post on the Whole Mamas site, Melissa tackles the question of how to get teenagers on board with Whole30-ish eating. The secret here is that her strategies will work on anyone, teenager to grandparents.

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