November 21, 2022

6 Podcasts for Learning How to Set Better Boundaries

When you think about it, the Whole30 is actually a master class in how to set boundaries. You say no a lot during those 30 days—to the break room donuts, your mom’s lasagna, or the glass of wine at happy hour. During the program, you can always fall back on the rules: “I’ve committed to 30 days on the Whole30, and I’m going to keep that promise to myself.”

But once your program is over, do you struggle to say no to foods that just aren’t worth it or a drink you don’t really want? How about your pushy co-worker, who texts you after-hours for things that aren’t emergencies? Or your mother-in-law, who continues to drop by without calling? Or your friend, who dumps the same problems on you over and over without ever asking you about your day?

Learning how to set boundaries—and hold them—can make a huge difference in all of your relationships. Boundaries are the key to better energy, more time, less resentment and anxiety, and better mental health. You trusted Whole30 co-founder Melissa Urban to guide you through the Whole30, and it really did change your life. Now, she’s got a brand-new book to help you start setting boundaries everywhere.

Your guide to better boundaries

The Book of Boundaries is all about “setting the limits that will set you free.” (It says it right there on the cover.) Maybe you’ve already used the guidance and scripts in the book to improve your boundary-setting, experiencing the joy of preserving time and energy or improving relationships. (If you haven’t, now is a great time to order your copy.)

The Book of Boundaries is an amazing resource for self-empowerment, ending burnout, improving your mental health, and strengthening your relationships. But it isn’t the only way to learn more about how to set boundaries from Melissa! We’re rounding up her best podcasts, featuring your favorite names in health and wellness, to help you get started on your boundary journey. These conversations will help you turn the simple act of saying “no thank you” into an art form—and a powerful shield for your time, energy, and capacity.

The episodes provide you with a playlist full of amazing insights, and gives you a preview of what your well-boundaried life could look like. Start with any episode you want—pop in your headphones, tune out the world, and sink into a conversation that will help you change a whole lot more than the food you put on your plate.

How to set better boundaries podcasts featuring Melissa Urban

  • We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach: We love Glennon Doyle and her “pod squad,” and this conversation is the most popular of Melissa’s episodes. Come for tips to deal with Barb, the mother-in-law of your nightmares–stay for a great conversation punctuated by literal cheers from Glennon, Abby, and Amanda.
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin: MU and Gretchen have been friends for years, and they’ve shown up on many podcasts together. Today, Melissa joins Gretchen and Elizabeth (at the 14-minute mark) to talk about boundaries, happiness, and how to use her unique Green, Yellow, Red framework to set the limits that can save your relationship.
  • Here’s Where It Gets Interesting with Sharon McMahon: You may know Sharon best as @sharonsaysso on Instagram. This episode starts with perhaps the best description of the Whole30 we’ve ever heard Melissa share, and expands into a variety of boundary scripts and tips for navigating boundary push-back. This jam-packed episode will see you through the holidays and then some.
  • Healthier Together Podcast with Liz Moody: This was one of MU’s favorite conversations (and one of Liz’s most downloaded episodes), in part because of how Liz showed up so authentically in her genuine discomfort with boundaries. It feels like you’re listening to two besties catching up over lunch, having a conversation that flows from workplace boundaries to time management and tons of strategies for guilt-free boundary holding.
  • The Art of Being Well Podcast with Dr. Will Cole: Melissa and Will are the best of friends, and this podcast was recorded in-person, which made the conversation feel both spontaneous and intimate. Here, Melissa helps you spot boundary red flags, dives into “energy leakage” and how to stop it, and discusses setting boundaries at work, with family, and around social media.
  • Woman of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu: Melissa has been on Lisa’s podcast before, and their conversations have been described by listeners as “unapologetically direct and incredibly insightful.” The boundaries episode has been one of Lisa’s top-downloaded podcasts, and explored boundaries in romantic relationships in a deeply personal way.
  • The Chuck Shute Podcast: Chuck is a Whole30 super-fan, having done the program a few times. In this podcast, he walks Melissa through The Book of Boundaries chapter-by-chapter, touching on scripts and tips for success in every relationship. Consider it the “Cliffs Notes” of Boundaries, in both video and audio format.

Listen. Learn. Share.

If you’re ready to start setting and holding limits in all of your relationships, order The Book of Boundaries today. You’ll learn Melissa’s patented Green/Yellow/Red framework and proven success strategies for dealing with guilt and pushback. You can also read more than 130 scripts for boundaries in the workplace, with family and friends, with romantic partners and co-parents, around sensitive subjects like grief or pregnancy–even boundaries with yourself.

Want to share the magic of setting boundaries, or inspire the people you love to explore the conversation with you? Share your favorite podcast episode from our list.