November 2, 2017

Introducing Natura Market: Whole30 Approved and Compatible Food in Canada

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Our neighbors to the north, we love you. (Especially your gorgeous mountain landscapes, which Whole30 hiking aficionados Melissa and Jen rank among their most favorite hikes in the world.) Throughout the years, our U.S.-based team has supported your Whole30 efforts as best we can, knowing you don’t have access to many of the Whole30 Approved and compatible convenience items we can get just across the border. We have fielded DMs, emails, and messages from Whole30’ers in Canada who want to know why it’s so much harder for them to find Whole30 Approved convenience and on-the-go items, and we’ve been hard at work, searching day and night for just the right partner. And finally, after months of behind-the-scenes coordination, we are thrilled to introduce you to…

Natura Market: Your One-Stop Online Shop for Whole30 Success

Shakzod and his team at Natura Market have been a DREAM to work with. They get our Whole30 community. They love our community. And they want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the Whole3o Approved and compatible items you want. Their offerings include:

  • Whole30 Approved kits at two different price points, to help you stock your pantry for your next Whole30: The Prep Kit and The Chef Kit.
  • SIX Pages of Whole30 Approved and compatible items, including some of your favorite brands like Primal Kitchen, Safe Catch, Primal Palate, nutpods, Yai’s Thai, Red Boat, Wild Zora, Sea Snax, RXBAR, and more.
  • A streamlined process that allows them to bring American brands over to Canada, meaning they’ll continue to acquire more Whole30 Approved and compatible items. Yay!
  • Oh, and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49.

A Canada-Only Whole30 Giveaway

Hey, Canada, what are you waiting for? Hop over to the Whole30 shop at Natura Market and check out their offerings. Don’t forget to use the code WHOLE30CA to get 10% off your first order… and shipping is always free on orders over $49! (Promotion good through 11/30/2017.) Want to win your very own Whole30 Prep Kit? We’re giving one to a lucky Canadian on Instagram TODAY, so follow us there (@whole30) for your chance to win. (PS: This one is for Canada ONLY… it’s about time you guys got your own contest!) Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning we make a small commission on purchases made via the link. Thank you for supporting our Whole30 partners.

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