January 1, 2021

The Whole30 Salt Lake City Dining Guide

Whole30 Salt Lake City Dining Guide Hero

By Melissa Urban

I’m asked for dining recommendations in Salt Lake City ALL THE TIME, so it’s fitting that we’re finally making my guide to Whole30 dining in Salt Lake City available to you via our Whole30 Dining Guide series.

I’m sharing establishments that do awesome Whole30 meals, plus some of my favorite Food Freedom establishments. These are just my favorite choices; we have an incredible dining scene in Salt Lake City, and there are likely many restaurants that offer Whole30-friendly choices. And remember, this is just a guide, and not a substitute for your own research. Unless a restaurant is an official Whole30 Approved partner, it’s always your responsibility to ask questions about the menu, as items change often and seasonally.

This guide is current as of January 2021. COVID may be affecting a restaurants’ ability to dine-in, or their menu options.The ingredients or preparation for a dish may have changed since the time this guide was updated.

Whole30 Dining in Salt Lake City

Vessel Kitchen (multiple locations)

Vessel Kitchen is an official Whole30 Approved restaurant, with compatible items clearly marked on their menu. With three locations near SLC (one right at 9th and 9th), you can dine in, pick up, or deliver hearty, veggie-forward, made-from-scratch meals any day of the week.

Laziz Kitchen (downtown)

Laziz offers a modern twist on traditional Mediterranean favorites, and offers some of my Food Freedom favorites (their burger and fries are chef’s kiss), plus easy-to-customize dishes if you’re on a Whole30. (Skip the rice, quinoa, cheese, or yogurt-based sauces.)

Taqueria 27 (downtown)

Taqueria 27 has three locations: one downtown, one south in Holladay, and one east on Foothill. Almost all their protein is Whole30-friendly, they’ll do lettuce wraps instead of taco shells and cucumber slices instead of tortilla chips, and have tons of Whole30-compatible guacamole options. (And they make a lovely “virgin” margarita with sparkling water, lime juice, fresh limes, and salt.)

Takashi (downtown)

This sushi place is my favorite. They’re so badass they don’t have a website (and no, they don’t take reservations). They often have an hour-plus wait for dinner, but lunch is usually quieter. They have a few protein-style rolls on the menu, but will make any roll rice-less upon request. Skip ALL the sauces, BYO coconut aminos, and ask for fresh wasabi.

Pago (9th and 9th)

A high-end American New restaurant using fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. This place is date night heaven, but the best part is head chef Phelix Gardner has done a few Whole30s, and has several menu items that are easy to make compatible. (And if you’re living your food freedom, get the burger as-is, with the brown sugar coated bacon.

Publik Kitchen (9th and 9th)

This breakfast joint does a la carte options and serves up my favorite breakfast salad. The sausage and bacon aren’t compatible, but their chicken salad is compatible (they make their own mayo!) and you can do eggs, hash, salad, and avocado with the homemade sherry vinaigrette for a light, fresh brunch.

Roots Café (Millcreek)

The owners are long-time friends of mine, and they do Whole30 breakfast-all-day and lunchtime options like nobody’s business. They only cook with EVOO and ghee, their sausage is homemade and Whole30 compatible, and you can order the Eggs Benedict on arugula right off the menu, no substitutions required.

Other Whole30-ish Fare and Food Freedom Eats

Aubergine and Co.

My favorite lunchtime deliver, next to Vessel Kitchen. Aubergine has HUGE bowls, salads, and other FF offerings with a ton of veggies and variety of bases. I haven’t inquired as to which ingredients and dressings are Whole30 compatible, but if you’re like me and eating mostly Whole30 plus a few non-gluten grains like rice and quinoa, this place is on the money.

Core Life Eatery (downtown and south of SLC)

Core Life offers bowls, salads, broth bowls, and more, and most of their items are gluten-free. (They also have an allergen chart for all menu items.) They’re the perfect fast-casual stop while shopping at City Creek or coming home from a hike in the Wasatch.

Cafe Rio (multiple locations)

Cafe Rio is fast-casual and Mexican-inspired, with fresh ingredients and tons of options. Unfortunately none of their proteins are Whole30 Compatible (usually due to soybean oil), but in my Food Freedom a salad with fire-grilled chicken, rice,  black beans, and extra pico (hold the tortilla) is right on point. (Allergen information at the bottom of their website, under “nutrition.’)

Current Fish and Oyster (downtown)

This is the perfect date-night or family dinner spot; the patio is lovely, the environment is just the right amount of fancy, and the food is delicious. Their Branzino is Whole30 compatible if you sub out the cous-cous, and the Spanish Octopus is a favorite, but I’m really just here for the oysters.

Copper Onion (downtown)

All the Coppers are delicious, but Onion has a delicious menu with simple, Whole30-friendly ingredients, and Kitchen has a salmon dish with zoodles right on the menu, and arguably one of the best burgers in the city.

East Liberty Tap House (9th and 9th)

Another burger favorite, but their “sloppy lamb” is also outrageous. (Note: this establishment is licensed as a bar, so ALL patrons must be 21+. Sorry, no kiddos.) Their fries are also the best in town.