September 13, 2018

Spice Up Your Whole30: Shopping List, Recipes, & More

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If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re contemplating taking on the Whole30 program, or you’ve already committed to your Whole30 journey. We know it can be a bit overwhelming to prep for your first Whole30, especially when you’re trying to find compatible items and compiling a list of go-to recipes. To help you start (and finish) strong, we’ve teamed up with our partners at Thrive Market. Today, we’re sharing a list of some of our Whole30 Approved faves that will make your Whole30 a little easier, and we’re highlighting some easy and delicious Whole30 recipes.

Whole30 Compatible Brands & Products at Thrive Market

When you stock your pantry at Thrive Market, you’ll have access to the wide selection of compatible items in their Whole30 Approved section. They work closely with Melissa Urban and our Whole30 Approved team to make sure the items are totally appropriate for use during your Whole30. Best of all: You can skip the store and order from the comfort of your home with free home delivery on most orders. Here are some of our favorite products. Chomps Whole30 Approved, gluten-free, and ethically sourced, these hearty snack sticks are big on flavor without artificial ingredients. The Original Beef Sticks combine grass-fed beef with sea salt, black pepper, and spices for a quick, tasty on-the-go protein bite. The Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt Venison Sticks are part grass-fed venison, part grass-fed beef. Toss a few of these into your gym bag or suitcase to ward off any “Whole30 Emergencies” you may encounter. Fourth & Heart Ghee is a favorite product of the Whole30 community; this brand is a favorite because it infuses its batches with layers of flavor. As their California Garlic Ghee slow-cooks, they infuse it with savory garlic. It is great as a cooking oil or serve a pat of it on top of your steamed veggies.  Or, try their Himalayan Salted Ghee. The Fourth & Heart team hand-stirs a dash of pink Himalayan salt into each batch. Kettle & Fire The team at Kettle & Fire simmers each batch of bone broth for up to 20 hours, and then vacuum seals it in recyclable and sustainable packaging. Their Beef Broth combines grass-fed beef bones with onions and organic carrots, celery, parsley and spices for earthly-rich flavor. The Chicken Bone Brothvariety is fantastic as a sub for chicken stock or enjoyed on its own. Nutpods This might sound nuts, but we think Whole30-style coffee is pretty darn delicious, especially when mixed with these nut-based, non-dairy creamers. Swirl in rich vanilla creaminess without added sugar or dairy with the French Vanilla variety, or give your morning cup a nutty kick with the Hazelnut flavor. Primal Kitchen This beloved  brand takes a wholesome, plant-based approach to each of its products from condiments to protein powders. The zesty Avocado Oil Mayo made from cage-free eggs and omega-rich avocado oil is a personal favorite of Melissa Urban. Safe Catch This sustainably sourced, wild-caught fish is the reel deal and a proud partner of the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. Scoop the Wild Albacore Tuna onto salads or stuff it into half of an avocado … this tuna boasts the lowest level of mercury of any brand on the market. The rick and flaky wild salmon in each can of Canned Wild Pink Salmon is hand-packed to retain as much Omega-3 oils and nutrients as possible.

Easy and Tasty Whole30 Recipes

Ready to put your new Whole30 items to work? This round-up of fresh and flavorful dishes courtesy of the Thrive Market blog will show you how! Italian Breakfast Scramble This Italian-inspired scramble whisks in the flavors of the Mediterranean with bright cherry tomatoes, zucchini, fresh basil, and garlic. Just sub in your new Fourth & Heart ghee for the butter in the ingredient list to make this recipe Whole30 compatible. Bacon-Laced Lettuce Cups With Spicy Marinade Make a batch of these genius, on-the-go cups to keep you fueled all week long. The ground chicken is marinated in The New Primal marinade and nestled in a Whole30 compatible bacon cup, making it flavorful and portable. Turkey-Sage Meatballs With Spaghetti Squash This clever spin on spaghetti and meatballs, tops roasted, olive-oil drizzled spaghetti squash with ground turkey, cranberry, and sage meatballs. Just be certain the dried cranberries you use are sugar and sweetener free. Sheet Pan Shrimp With Spicy Broccoli This “one-and-done” single-pan recipe comes from Melissa Urban herself, who pairs tender shrimp with broccoli florets, seasoned with garlic, ghee, and coconut aminos, and tosses it all in the oven for a simple but satisfying meal. Crispy Chicken Wings Hosting a gathering and want to just wing it? Opt for this quick crowd-pleaser of baked chicken wings tossed in fiery, Whole30 Approved New Primal Buffalo Sauce. Ginger-Lime Lettuce Cups This Thai-inspired dish fills crisp Boston lettuce leaves with sweet and sumptuous pork that’s been marinated in a sweet citrus-ginger sauce. Top with herbs, green onions, and chopped almonds for added texture. This post is sponsored by Thrive Market.

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