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NEW Whole30 Rule: Whole30 Compatible Extracts

Going forward, botanical extracts (such as vanilla extract, lemon extract, or lavender extract) will be allowed on the program, even if the ingredients contain alcohol.

Five Meal Prep Tips for an Easier Whole30

This article is part of our #MyMealPrep series, where Whole30 Certified Coaches and other Whole30 community members and creatives share their favorite methods, systems, tips and hacks for staying organized in the kitchen while prepping their Whole30 meals. Hi Whole30’ers! I’m Ashley, a Whole30 Certified Coach, Clinical Pharmacist, Natural Health Educator, wife and mom of […]

Whole30 101: Snacks on the Whole30

From Whole30 Headmistress Melissa Hartwig Urban, who is literally eating a snack right now One of the most common questions I hear from those new to the Whole30 is about snacking. “I know we’re not supposed to snack… but seriously, can I snack?” Let’s clear up the facts about snacks on the Whole30. The Foundation: […]

Melissa’s Emergency Food Encyclopedia

Dear Melissa, Quick question: What is your definition of an “emergency food,” as it pertains to eating outside of your usual three or four Whole30 meals a day? – Michelle A, Cuyahoga Falls, OH Michelle, We use the term “emergency food” figuratively, to describe unexpected situations in which you may find yourself needing sustenance without an […]

Whole30 101: Which Whole30 Book Do I Need?

If you’re new to our Whole30 community, you might be wondering … Where should I start? This is the definitive guide to our collection of Whole30 books.

Whole30 101: Cold and Flu Strategies

The first thing we’ll say is that we hope you never have to use this information… because if it’s of interest, it means you’re sick, and that’s sucky. The Whole30 can do incredible things for keeping your gut healthy, allergies at bay, and your immune system strong and responsive, but sometimes, the flu, a cold, […]

Whole30 101: Can I do the Whole30 as a Vegetarian or Vegan?

We welcome vegetarians to our community, and want you to reap many of the benefits of our healthy-eating plan while still honoring your ethical or religious obligations. In fact, we’ve had a loyal vegetarian and vegan following for many years now, and we created a special section of our Whole30 Forum just for you. Despite […]