From Whole30 co-founder Melissa Hartwig Urban

Ever since Food Freedom Forever was released, I’ve been thrilled to see how the Whole30 community has embraced the idea that it is possible to build a healthy, intuitive, and sustainable relationship with food.

Today, we’re sharing three videos that were filmed during a private event in Salt Lake City. During the event, I led a 90-minute discussion with 25 Whole30’ers about their health goals, challenges, and best strategies for creating and maintaining their own versions of food freedom.

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Think of these videos as an insider peek into Food Freedom Forever, as I share concepts and insights from the book with the group. No matter where you are in your food freedom journey, I hope these videos will motivate you to change your life through the groundbreaking 3-step approach outlined in the book.

Video One: What is Food Freedom?

Video Two: A New Food Freedom Pattern

Video Three: Experimenting with Your Food Freedom

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