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The January Whole30 starts on January 1, 2021.

Are you joining us? This is an annual tradition for our community, but after the, ahem—unprecedented—year we’ve had, my Whole30 HQ team and I are thinking about things in a new light.

It’s been a long year, but an unexpected blessing was the way the Whole30 community pulled together. We supported each other during the #Whole30atHome, and we rallied together around ongoing efforts towards social justice, expressed most beautifully in Whole30’s Community Cares Summit. We’ve also talked openly about grief and mental health issues, setting and holding boundaries, and shared resources for practices like breathwork and meditation. Despite the unusual, often painful and difficult year we’ve had, we’ve also observed new dimensions of the Whole30 community unfolding in beautiful and wonderful ways.

2021 feels like a fresh start, despite the challenges we are still facing in an ongoing pandemic. We want the January Whole30 to be a touchstone, pulling us all back together in a communal act of self-care. More than ever, we need to feel like we belong to something bigger than ourselves, and the Whole30 has proven a welcoming and accepting home for anyone who wants to join.

When you spend the first 30 days of the year doing a Whole30, you’re holding a commitment to your own health and the health of your family. You are creating capacity to show up for your loved ones and your community. You are establishing a foundation of familiarity, connection, and support on which to build a new “normal.” And great sleep, steady energy, a regular meal prep routine, and a stable mood are nice, too.

My Whole30 HQ team and our Whole30 Certified Coaches have created a suite of resources and offerings to help you achieve Whole30 success this January. Meal planning help? We’ve got that.  Daily encouragement from me, sent straight to your phone? We’ve got that, too. A supportive small community led by a Whole30 expert? Check out our Certified Coaches’ groups or one-on-one coaching. You’ll find links to all of this (and more!) below.

I’m so excited to support you and the entire Whole30 community through another January Whole30—all together now.

Melissa Urban
Co-Founder & CEO

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