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Dear Melissa: Will I Lose Weight On The Whole30?

Note: The Whole30 is contra-indicated for those with a history of eating disorders. If this is your context, please do not take on the program unless approved by and under the direct supervision of a trained therapist—and even then, follow all of their recommendations with respect to the program’s structure and rules. This message is […]

Dear Melissa: Help Me With My PMS Cravings

Dear Melissa, It’s Day 15 of my Whole 30. My cravings for something sweet and my snacking habit have been under control until this week. It’s the week leading up to my period. What usually happens during this “pre-period” time is that I experience PMS cravings for a lot of sweet and sugary things during […]

Dear Melissa: Help Me Plan My Whole30 Birthday Party

Dear Melissa, I am 16 years old, turning 17 soon. My birthday is coming up and I need your advice on how I should celebrate my birthday on the Whole30. I did the Whole30 once and I fell in love with it. I am wanting to continue it, but I would like some advice from […]

Dear Melissa: I’m Bored of My Whole30

Dear Melissa, Its Day 25 of my last Whole30 … I’m OVER IT. No foods sound good, and I can’t imagine what to make for dinner—it’s like pregnancy food aversions, except I’m definitely not pregnant. I want to finish each Whole30 strong, but how can I do that if feel like I just hit the […]

Dear Melissa: My Friend is Doing a “Whole30 Plus Wine”

Dear Melissa, How do I handle my friends who are “doing the Whole30” but still drinking wine on the weekends? – B., via Instagram Dear B, I’ll open with this: the only person you are responsible for here is you. The only Whole30 you are responsible for here is yours. The only person’s business you […]