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Dear Melissa: It’s Day 21 of my Whole30 and I Haven’t Lost Weight

Looking for our philosophy on Whole30 and weight loss? Click here for a letter and more resources from Melissa Urban. Dear Melissa, I’m on Day 21 of my Whole30 and haven’t lost any weight yet, what gives? –Monica Dear Monica, Before I wrote Food Freedom Forever, I would have tough-loved you pretty aggressively. “It’s not […]

Dear Melissa: Do I Need a Probiotic?

Dear Melissa, I have been reading a lot about probiotics and how we need them for our healthy digestion. What do you suggest for probiotics since milk/yogurt are not on the Whole30 plan? – Melissa L., Ft. Worth, TX Dear @melissa_hartwig, will you suggest a #Whole30 compatible source for probiotics? Click To Tweet Dear Melissa, […]

Dear Melissa: Are Chicken Wings SWYPO?

Dear Melissa, I am getting ready to start my first Whole30. I understand that you’re not supposed to replace sugar cravings with fruit or other compatible but sugary foods but what about savory cravings? For example, I often crave Buffalo wings. Is it going against the rules and spirit of the program to make compatible […]

Melissa’s Emergency Food Encyclopedia

Dear Melissa, Quick question: What is your definition of an “emergency food,” as it pertains to eating outside of your usual three or four Whole30 meals a day? – Michelle A, Cuyahoga Falls, OH Michelle, We use the term “emergency food” figuratively, to describe unexpected situations in which you may find yourself needing sustenance without an […]

Dear Melissa: Help Me Talk about My Whole30 Weight Loss

Dear Melissa, I have lost about 110 pounds over the last 2-1/2 years, and the Whole30 was a huge part of that. But I tend to feel guilty or bad about that because it’s not an NSV (non-scale victory). There WERE a lot of NSVs, but the one everyone can SEE is my size. How do […]

Dear Melissa: I’m Not Doing The Perfect Whole30

Dear Melissa, I started the program with most of the information I thought I needed, as I work in a health food store and my co-workers and boss are very supportive of my choices and advocates of the program. But the more I read I am a little discouraged. I was a smoker. I quit […]

Dear Melissa: After My Whole30, Do I Have to Give Up My Friends?

Dear Melissa, I have done a few rounds of Whole30 and I am finally confident in my Food Freedom, making some pretty big changes in my diet and lifestyle over the past year. Throughout the process I have been very open with my close friends, and while they seemed to be supportive, lately it is […]

Dear Melissa: I’ve Tried Every Diet… and Failed. Help.

Dear Melissa, How do I get started with the Whole30 when I’ve tried everything and failed? – Jessica Jessica, The short answer is, read (or listen to) Food Freedom Forever. You’ve tried every diet and failed, because calorie-restrictive diets SET YOU UP to fail. But once you get the diet mindset in your head—that it’s […]

Dear Melissa: I Just Hate Veggies.

Dear Melissa, Do I really have to eat vegetables with every meal, even breakfast/my husband says he’d consider doing the program with me, but he hates vegetables so he can’t/I want to bring my kids along on the Whole30, but they’re so picky when it comes to anything green. HELP.  – So many of you everwhere […]