Whole30 Families

Whole30 Families
Whole30 Families

Chosen or biological, multi-generational, small and intimate, big and rowdy, immediate, extended and all other beautiful origins and varieties—we want to
support your family, no matter what it looks like. Whether you’re wondering if the Whole30 can support your preconception health, trying to convince your teen to try kale, or hoping to get your partner or family member onboard with the Whole30 program, our resources are created just for you.

September Whole30 Support

Our collection of resources to support your September Whole30, no matter what phase of life you find yourself in.

5 Ingredients or Less

Explore our exclusive 5-Ingredient recipe collection, designed to help you plan tasty, fun, Whole30-inspired meals that the entire family can enjoy.

Supporting You Through Every Season

Our best articles to support the mental, physical, and emotional health of every member of your family, from nutrition to self-care and beyond.

Thinking Critically About “Wine Mom” Culture

By Stephanie Greunke, Whole30 Dietitian and Education Manager “Wine Mom” Jokes: More than a Meme? According to a recent article by the New York Post, alcohol abuse is increasing amongst mothers.(1) The definition of heavy drinking for women is more than 3 (standard-sized) drinks on a single day or 7 drinks per week.(2) That “one […]


15 Strategies For Succeeding With the Whole30 While Living With Chronic Pain or Disability

By Whole30 Certified Coach Victoria Singer So, you want to do the Whole30, but it sounds like WAY more work than you can handle in addition to managing your chronic pain, disability or other disorder? You’re not alone. In fact, I felt the exact same way when my friend Amy encouraged me to do a […]


Helping Kids Connect Food and Behavior

Learn how to use awareness in helping kids connect food and behavior and embrace this healthy, happy, sustainable way of eating.


8 Steps to an Empowered Pregnancy

Learn eight steps to help you feel empowered during pregnancy and as you enter into parenthood.


Whole30 Inspired Eating for The Whole Family

Mealtimes can be stressful, especially when you’re trying to make healthy choices for your kids and meet resistance. Here are our best tips for fewer mealtime battles.

Meeting Your Child’s Nutritional Needs with Whole Foods

Registered Dietitan Stephanie explains how you can meet your child’s nutritional needs with a whole foods-based approach.


#MyMealPrepMethod: How Autumn Feeds Her Family of Seven

Many seasoned Whole30’ers tell us that a meal planning and meal prep routine are keys to sustaining their new healthy habits in their life after Whole30. In our new #MyMealPrepMethod series Whole30 alumni, Whole30 Certified Coaches, recipe creatives, cookbook authors and other friends of Whole30 explain how they fit meal planning and meal prep into […]


9 Tips for Introducing Your Kids to New Foods

Kate Baldacci, former vegetarian and mom of three, shares her family’s journey and 9 tips for introducing your kids to new foods.


Dear Melissa: Can I Influence My Teen to Find Their Food Freedom?

Dear Melissa,  Any advice on how to get semi-adult children to buy into the Whole30 (or at least whole foods over junk)? I didn’t set the best foundation for them, but I learned from my multiple Whole30s and have tried to model that when they are home (ignoring the eye-rolling). Can I reinvent good nutritional influence this […]