May 23, 2022

Recipe Roundup: 8 Memorial Day Recipes to Bookmark Today!


With summer just around the corner, backyard barbecues, poolside parties, and plenty of outdoor fun is on the horizon. And whether you’re hosting or heading to a friend’s place to enjoy the long weekend, there’s no shortage of Whole30 compatible eats you can whip up for the occasion. From sweet, crunchy slaw to tangy ribs, the following recipes are guaranteed to please whatever crowd you’ll be soaking up the sun with. Bookmark the following recipes as you plan out your menu or contribution—and enjoy!

Whole30 Greek Burgers by @primal_gourmet

Two Whole30 Greek Burgers
Photo Credit: Ronny Joseph Lvovski @primal_gourmet

Want to mix up the usual burger routine? The pine nuts and bell peppers in these lamb patties (one of @primal_gourmet’s most popular recipes) add crunch and sweetness your barbecue crew won’t be able to get enough of.

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Whole30 Smoked Pork Shoulder by @thewoodenskillet

Whole30 Pork Shoulder
Photo Credit: Erin @thewoodenskillet

No summer gathering feels truly complete without a juicy, meaty main—and if you’ve been waiting all winter long to fire up the smoker, this pork shoulder from @thewoodenskillet is for you. Your neighbors will be following the scent straight into your yard.

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Whole30 Quick Pickled Onions by @thewoodenskillet

A jar of Whole30 Pickled Onions
Photo Credit: Erina @thewoodenskillet

Pickled onions pair well with just about any summer dish—and this recipe from @thewoodenskillet comes together fast. Whip up a jar to have handy for side salads or even to top those Greek burgers with!

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Whole30 Chicken BBQ Pineapple Kabobs by @wholefoodfor7

A plate of Whole30 Chicken BBQ Pineapple Kabobs
Photo Credit: Autumn Michaelis @wholefoodfor7

Kabobs are a grill season classic for a reason: They’re basically a full meal on a stick. This recipe from @wholefoodfor7 puts a twist on the usual combo with chunks of sweet, juicy pineapple that practically scream summertime.

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Whole30 Apple Cider Spiced Ribs by @apinchofpride

A plate of Whole30 Apple Cider Spiced Ribs
Photo Credit: Brad @apinchofpride

With their crispy, spicy crust and tender meat, these cider spiced ribs by @apinchofpride will fly off the picnic table the moment you set them out. And since they cook up beautifully in an Instant Pot or oven, you don’t even need a grill to make them.

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Whole30 Chicken Kabobs and Spicy Almond Sauce by @nocrumbsleft

A plate with three Whole30 Chicken Kabobs with Spicy Almond Sauce
Photo Credit: Teri Turner @nocrumbsleft

Though it takes a little bit of extra effort, this dish from @nocrumbsleft promises to wow even the most skeptical eaters. The ever-so-slightly charred, crispy chicken thighs and spicy sauce made with coconut milk, almond butter, and coconut aminos will have barbecue-goers talking until the Fourth of July.

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Whole30 Chili Garlic Wings by @cleanfoodiecravings

A plate of Whole30 Chicken Garlic Wings
Photo Credit: Charlotte @cleanfoodiecravings

You won’t even miss the breading with @cleanfoodiecravings kicky wings. Perfectly succulent with satisfyingly crunchy skin, they’re heaven even before you douse them in the spicy, tangy marinated scallion sauce.

Click here for the recipe details.

Whole30 Pineapple Coleslaw by @hotpankitchencom

A bowl of Whole30 Pineapple Coleslaw
Photo Credit: Taryn @hotpankitchencom

Slaw is, of course, a must-have at any backyard, patio, or roof party—and this Whole30 compatible version from @hotpankitchencom is a go-to. Trust us, you’ll never make coleslaw without pineapple chunks again.

Click here for the recipe details.

Liz Parrent

Liz Parrent

Liz Parrent is Whole30's Senior Manager, for Whole30 Recipes content.She comes to Whole30 with over a decade of CPG and content marketing experience in the health and wellness space. Having been a part of Primal Kitchen's founding and pre-acquisition team, Liz holds a deep passion for the Whole30 community and the transformative power of a whole foods-focused lifestyle.