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A is for Awareness: Helping Your Kids Connect Food and Behavior

As outlined in It Starts With Food, the Whole30 has two parts: elimination and reintroduction. First, you completely eliminate potentially problematic foods for a full 30 days. Then, you reintroduce those foods and observe how they affect your digestion, energy, sleep, mood, skin, medical symptoms, and general health. The idea of a scientific reintroduction of […]

Finding A Healthy Food Balance For Your Kids

We’re very fortunate to be sharing this wonderful guest post from Dylan Emrys with you today. Finding a healthy Real Food balance for your children in a SAD Food world can be a difficult and emotional journey. But, as Dylan says, you’re already one step ahead by being here.    “I Was Determined To Feed […]

Raising Good Food Kids: The Whole30 FAQ

So far in our Good Food Kids series, we’ve given you three strategies for changing the food on your family’s plates, and we’ve told you what you can expect from your kids during that transition. Today, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty.  Whole30’s own Robin Strathdee asked (and then answered) some of the […]

It’s Just A Phase: A Guide To Your Kid’s Good Food Transition

by Robin Strathdee, who much prefers Jeopardy to Let’s Make a Deal. When last we chatted about your kiddos, we talked about three different strategies for implementing a Good Food policy in your kitchen.  Today, we’re gonna talk a little bit about what to expect once you begin to make those changes.  While they can’t […]

Five Ways Science Can Get Your Kids To Eat Vegetables

Eat your vegetables. It’s a mantra often repeated in our community – eat your greens, fill your plate with vegetables, nutrient density for the win. But it’s hard to get grown-ups to eat their veggies. In fact, we devoted an entire page in It Starts With Food to talk about why you don’t like vegetables, […]

A is for Awareness

We recently received a note from Kristin M., who attended our recent Foundations of Nutirtion workshop in Colorado.  Kristin wrote: “We as a family (including our 11 year old son, and two daughters ages 9 and 5) have been doing the Whole 30 since April 17th.  My son says he feels “powerful and strong”, my […]