Our Whole30 Approved Program

Our Whole30 Approved® label is designed to let you know a product is 100% compliant with the rules of our Whole30 program, and that the product line and company who stands behind it has been vetted by our team. We have a personal relationship with every Whole30 Approved partner, and feel confident that their products, core values, and mission are in line with ours and that of our followers. Please note, partners denoted with an * are also Whole30 affiliates, which means we earn a small commission when you purchase their products through our link.

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Austin-based Waterloo Sparkling Water is a BOLD take on sparkling water, making its mark by focusing on true-to-fruit flavor & aroma and delivering a much richer, more authentic taste in 100% BPA-free cans.

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Spindrift is the first sparkling water made with only real squeezed fruit, water and bubbles. Yup, that’s it!

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Rethink Water for Kids

The first ever zero sugar, zero sweetener, zero calorie, USDA certified organic, flavored water for kids.  Who ever said juice had to go in a juicebox?  Live unbottled.

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New Barn Unsweetened Organic Almondmilk

Unsweetened almondmilk with just four simple, organic ingredients. (Look for the green bottle.)

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We’re not mad at coffee.  Just Disappointed.  Here’s something better.

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Naturally Essenced Sparkling Water. 0-Calorie 0-Sweetner 0-Sodium = Innocent

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Klio Tea

Rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and phytonutrients – lab tested. Organic, single varietal, hand grown in the mountains of Greece.

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Hint Water

Delicious, fruit-infused water with no sugars, diet sweeteners, or calories. Available in 25+ refreshing natural flavors. Use code WHOLE30 for 15% Off Cases.

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Four Sigmatic

Your morning beverage just got an upgrade! Functional mushroom and superfood drinks like coffee, tea, matcha and cacao in easy, single-serve packets. Use code whole30 to receive 15% off.

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Crio Brü

All-natural 99% caffeine-free coffee alternative made from Fair Trade cocoa beans, roasted, ground, and brewed just like coffee. Save 15% with the code WHOLE30.

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100% premium cacao beans, roasted and ground to create a rich brewed alternative to coffee. Save 15% plus Free Shipping with the code tastehealth.

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