May 4, 2015

Whole30 101: Your guide to Navigating the Whole30 Website

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Since we created the Whole30 program in 2009, we’ve made it a priority to keep the program accessible to anyone, anywhere, through our website. However, the program has grown, and our site is now so packed with resources that it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. So today, we’ll take you on a tour of, and show you exactly how to find just the information you need.

First, however, if you’re looking for all of our best, updated and expanded Whole30 information all in one place, no search/click/print required, just pick up a copy of our New York Times bestselling bookThe Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom.

We’ve put everything you need to know to be successful with the program all in one place, including the rules of the program, a detailed step-by-step guide to getting started, our expanded Whole30 Timeline, and an extensive quick-reference FAQ that would take you days to compile on your own. (We also outline our full reintroduction protocol for the first time ever, and give you more than 100 recipes to help you succeed.)

There, that was easy.

Still, we do have a ton of good information here on the site, so here are some of the highlights.


The Home Page

The first place to start is our home page, where we’ve got four tracks laid out, specific to your big-picture questions. (This may seem obvious, but many of you come to us through a blog post linked on social media, which means you’re heading straight into our content and not seeing these four home page tracks at all.)

New to the program? Click the first button, “What is the Whole30?” Returning to the program and need a refresher? Click the second button, “I’m ready to do another Whole30.” In the middle of your program and need support? Click the third button, “I need support during my Whole30.” Finished with your program and wondering what comes next? Click the last button, “I finished my Whole30!


Whole30 101

If you’re familiar with the program (perhaps you’ve found us through some of the media interviews we’ve done lately), the next place you might want to look is our Whole30 101 section. We’ve included all of our most practical and foundational Whole30 articles (like “Whole30 Rules vs Recommendations” and “Label Reading 101”) so you can refer back to them quickly and easily whenever you have a question.


Whole30 Downloads

For resources you can take with you, visit our Whole30 Downloads page. There you’ll find a printable copy of our program guidelines, our general  and specialty shopping lists, and a copy of our suggested meal template, and many more resources to help you success in your Whole30 journey.

We’ve also got an entire page dedicated to helping you stock your Whole30 kitchen; all the tools and gadgets we outlined in The Whole30 Kitchen Fundamentals section, laid out in “splurge vs. steal” format.


Whole30 Recipes

To find delicious Whole30-compatible options to fill your plate (in addition to the more than 100 recipes in The Whole30!), check out our online Recipes category. We’ve featured six mouth-watering recipes straight from the pages of The Whole30, classic recipes submitted by our readers, and highlights from our @whole30recipes Instagram feed.


Whole30 Support

You can find the answers to your ingredient questions, get troubleshooting help, make new Whole30 friends, and find support on our free Whole30 Forum.  We have special sections for pregnant and nursing moms, athletes, and folks with medical conditions. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of moderators will help you find the answers you’re looking for, give you advice to overcome rough patches, and direct you to resources you may not have found on your own. Start your own Whole30 log to journal your experiences and get feedback from the community; or you can join one of the many groups of participants starting together and keeping each other accountable.

You can also get direct, daily support by subscribing to our Whole30 Daily email service. We’ll send you an email every single day with advice, encouragement, tips, and tricks specific to where you are in your Whole30 process (because Day 1 and Day 21 are really quite different). Plus we’ve built some accountability into the subscription, so if you’re looking for a little extra motivation to stick with the program, you’ll definitely find these emails helpful.

Finally, round out your support on the Whole30 (and after!) with our free Wholesome newsletter. Sent monthly via email, it brings you the best Whole30 social media highlights, media appearances, recipes, and more. Plus, our subscribers can score exclusive bonus content, like Whole30 recipe PDFs and special videos!


Dear Melissa

In her Dear Melissa features, Whole30 co-creator Melissa Urban offers down-to-earth advice, tough love, and creative solutions to real readers facing real-life Whole30 challenges, like talking Whole30 with friends and familycreating a Whole30 holiday strategy, and dealing with stress on the Whole30.

You can also connect with her directly on her personal Instagram feed, Twitter account, and Periscope channel.


Whole30 Testimonials

The Readers’ Stories  and A-Z successes featured on our Whole30 Testimonials pages will uplift and inspire you, while the recommendations from medical and dietary professionals will help earn your confidence in our program. (When you become a success story of yourself, share your journey with us via email, or on one of our social media outlets.)

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