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Melissa Urban is a 7x New York Times bestselling author (including the #1 bestselling The Whole30) who specializes in helping people establish healthy boundaries and successfully navigate habit change. She has been featured by the New York Times, People, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Today Show, and Good Morning America, and is a prominent keynote speaker on boundaries, building community, health trends, and entrepreneurship. She lives in Salt Lake City, UT with her husband, son, and a poodle named Henry.
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Dear Melissa: Stress, Emotional Eating, and Your Food Freedom

You learn so much about your relationship with food, and your habits around food during your Whole30. There were plenty of times you learned to cope with stressful situations during those 30 days without diving into emotional eating. Using food as self-care during times of frustration, stress, or anxiety is...The Whole30 helps build healthy food habits. Learn to approach stressful times without emotional eating and using food as self-care.
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Dear Melissa: Tips for Successful Dates on Whole30 and Beyond

There are more awkward conversations to dive into on a first date than the finer points of the Whole30. But that doesn’t mean you want the conversation to turn to why you subbed out the fries for a salad or brought your own dressing—which is an excellent Whole30 power move....Melissa Urban shares her best tips for dates on the Whole30, that can help you make the most out of your dinner conversations.
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4 Steps for Managing Emotions to Support Your Food Freedom

Your body tells you when stress and emotions are becoming too much. You feel it all as physical sensations—a lump in your throat or a stomach in knots. Learning to pinpoint the sensations and address the feelings causing them is powerful. Managing emotions isn’t always easy. But I have four...Managing emotions helps keep your healthy habits afloat. Learn four steps for managing emotions and maintaining your food freedom plan.
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Use This Whole30 Meal Template to Create a Delicious, Easy Protein Salad

Recipes are amazing. (And Whole30 has so many great ones.) But sometimes you want easy Whole30 meals that have more flexibility and can provide variety for days—with one cooking and prep session. That’s where my Whole30 meal templates can help out. And one of my favorites is the protein salad....A quick and easy Whole30 meal doesn’t always require a recipe. Explore this Whole30 meal template for making a tasty, time-saving protein salad.
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Dear Melissa: Empower Yourself for the Whole30

In a previous Dear Melissa newsletter, I talked about the unexpected benefits of my first Whole30 back in April 2009, and how those 30 days sent positive ripples into every area of my life, giving me a sense of confidence, empowerment, and trust in myself that I had never before...Whole30 co-founder Melissa Urban shares her top three tips on how to empower yourself for your January Whole30.
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Dear Melissa: Self-empowerment was the biggest benefit of my first Whole30

I did the very first Whole30 in April 2009, before the program even had a name. It was supposed to be a fun self-experiment where I’d eliminate potentially inflammatory foods for a month and see if anything improved. The idea (put forth by prominent researchers at the time) was that...Go through Melissa Urban's first Whole30 and discover the biggest benefit she found. And learn about self-empowerment through the Whole30.
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Set Boundaries Around Food, Alcohol, and Table Talk

Food boundaries aren’t just about food Since 2009 (the earliest days of Whole30), I’ve spent a lot of time helping people say no to breakroom donuts, a slice of cake at the birthday party, and a glass of wine at happy hour as a means of honoring their Whole30 commitment....Learn from boundary expert and extraordinaire Melissa Urban how to set boundaries around food, alcohol, and table talk.
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Whole30’s Content Collaboration

I was recently browsing online for an alteration shop. I bought a jumpsuit for my book tour, and while it fit like a dream, the sleeves were decidedly strange—but easily adjusted in the hands of a tailor. I came across a highly-rated shop just a few miles away and clicked...Discover Melissa Urban's perspective on Whole30's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in content collaboration.

6 Podcasts for Learning How to Set Better Boundaries

When you think about it, the Whole30 is actually a master class in how to set boundaries. You say no a lot during those 30 days—to the break room donuts, your mom’s lasagna, or the glass of wine at happy hour. During the program, you can always fall back on...Pick from six podcasts with Melissa Urban about how to set boundaries. Learn to set limits from the author of The Book of Boundaries.
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