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Whole30 101: Your guide to Navigating the Whole30 Website

Since we created the Whole30 program in 2009, we’ve made it a priority to keep the program accessible to anyone, anywhere, through our website. However, the program has grown, and our site is now so packed with resources that it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. So today, we’ll take you on […]

Whole30 101: Label-Reading

You’ve committed to the Whole30. You’re ready to change your life. You’re following all the steps in our getting started guide, and you’re ready to hit the grocery store to stock up on healthy Whole30 foods. You start with your meat, seafood, and eggs—easy! Ground beef, chicken thighs, salmon, and eggs—check. Time for produce—so easy! […]

Whole30 Business Travel 101

By Melissa Hartwig, co-founder of the Whole30 program and superplanner when it comes to travel. You’ve been seeing promotions for our NEW book, The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Heath and Food Freedom, all over our website and social media feeds. We’ve answered your most commonly asked questions about the book, and gave you exclusive sneak peeks right here […]

Whole30 101: Rules vs Recommendations

There is no such thing as the perfect Whole30.  We know that, and we hope you know that too. (If you’ve been trying to do the perfect Whole30, pause on this article and read the link in the first sentence. We’ll wait.) We encourage you to follow the rules 100%, no slips, no cheats, and […]

Whole30 101: SWYPO

Since the creation of the Whole30 program in April 2009, we’ve cautioned against the recreation of breads, muffins, pancakes, and cookies with Whole30 compliant ingredients. In fact, this concept has been one of the cornerstones of the program, specifically requiring the elimination of these items for the duration of your Whole30. Here are our thoughts on why you shouldn’t try to recreate junk food with “approved” ingredients during your Whole30. It really comes down to just one thing: sex.

Whole30 101: The Official Whole30® Glossary

In April of last year, Whole30 advocate Shannon Colavecchio of Badass Fitness put together a hilarious (Un)Official Whole30 Glossary.  Her post got us thinking – there are an awful lot of acronyms, words, and phrases that are unique to the Whole30-sphere. Since we’d hate for anyone or anything to get lost in translation, we decided to […]

The Whole30® Timeline, Version 2.0

An update to our original (and wildly popular) Whole30 Timeline article by Whole30’s Robin Strathdee, for those new to the Whole30®, and veterans who simply need a reminder. As with any process that involves personal experience, your results may vary, but it’s my hope that this timeline will give you a hint (and a chuckle) […]

Whole30 101: The Official “Can I Have…” Guide to the Whole30

One of the most active sections of our free Whole30 Forum is the “Can I Have…” section. This is where Whole30’ers ask about ingredients that they wish to include as part of their Whole30 program—things like bee pollen, mesquite flour, or banana almond pan-fried discs.* Sometimes, we wonder if people really want to eat these things, […]

Whole30 101: Sex With Your Pants On

Since the creation of our Whole30 program in April 2009, we’ve cautioned against the Paleo-ification of poor food choices. In fact, this concept has been one of the cornerstones of the program, specifically requiring the elimination of Paleo brownies, pizza and pancakes for the duration of your Whole30. […]