Althea Brown

Masters in Public Administration

Althea Brown is a recipe developer and food blogger specializing in Guyanese and Caribbean food. She has a Masters in Public Administration and spent many years in Corporate Human Resources roles before taking time off to spend with her family. She spends most of her days recreating traditional Guyanese and Caribbean recipes into Whole30 recipes. She believes that culture and food traditions are important parts of your food journey. When she is not cooking up delicious meals for family and friends, she is caring for her three children and enjoying life in colorful Colorado.

Whole30 Plantain Wraps

These quick and easy Whole30 Plantain Wraps filled with eggs, bacon, and avocado are an incredible way to start your day! In fact, these single-ingredient plantain wraps are perfect for all your wrap needs. They are easy to make — just boiled green plantains, crushed and shaped into wraps. That’s it! They are pliable, bendable, …

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