Made By Whole30

NO added sugar, NO vegetable gums, NO fillers, NO artificial flavors, and Certified Humane eggs.

Our brand new line of Whole30 salad dressings and dipping sauces are inspired by Melissa Urban’s own kitchen creations, designed with you in mind, and 100% Whole30 down to the very last detail, made with ingredients that go beyond the Whole30 standards. Try all five and discover how tasty (and easy) your Whole30 can be.

Try All Five Brand New Flavors

100% Whole30 Compatible: just this once, you can skip the label reading.

House Ranch

We have a PhD in Ranchology

Creamy, herbalicious, and oh-so-dip-worthy. The classic you love, but BETTER.

Good-for-you ranch used to take 20 minutes and your entire spice rack to DIY. Not anymore. Dip it, dress it, put it on everything—this is a ranch your whole family will love.


Buffalo Vinaigrette

Level Up Your Salads

Meet the love-child of salad dressing and hot sauce. Because even lettuce deserves a little kick.

You love hot sauce. You love salads. But you never thought to combine the two. WE DID. This mild vinaigrette makes spicy salads a thing, and levels up your wings, too.


Creamy Balsamic

Is Balsamic 2.0 a thing?

Perfect on salads, veggies, and protein, this everyday staple is anything but basic.

This go-to just got a serious (and creamy) upgrade. Introducing the only balsamic you’ll ever need to dress, drizzle, dip, and marinate.


Elderberry Vinaigrette

There’s a new berry in town.

Not your mom’s berry vinaigrette. Real deal sweetness, none of the nonsense.

Love a little sweetness on your salad, but not the sneaky sugar? SAME. That’s why we created this one-of-a-kind elderberry recipe–light, fresh, and fun.


Secret Sauce

The secret is out

Call it a dip, call it a dressing, this kind of magic is good on everything (shhh).

Fries made this special sauce famous in Utah; we made it an everyday staple. You’ll put this tangy, creamy concoction on everything from burgers to veggies. Our dressings make changing your life fast, easy, and satisfying, one meal at a time.